December Solo Shows



Nolan’s Irish pub

204 W. Cocoa Beach Cswy

TEL (321)-783-8499



Culhane’s Irish Pub

967 Atlantic Blvd, Atlantic Beach, FL 32233

TEL (904) 434-3089 Mary Jane

Culhane’s Irish Pub



DECEMBER 5th and 6th


465 Main Street, Dunedin,

Florida 34698

TEL (727) 736-4994



Harp & Fiddle

2329 Penn Avenue – Pittsburgh, Pa. 15222-4505

TEL (412) 642-6622 Call Between 9-12

Welcome to Mullaney’s Harp and Fiddle Irish Pub




Ploustars Philly

23 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106TEL (215) 733-0300

The Plough & the Stars | On 2nd Street, between … – Philadelphia





890 McLean Ave, Yonkers,NY 10704TEL(914) 776-2946



42 Responses

  1. Sharon T.

    Please come to SanFrancisco or Concord,Ca outside of SanFrancisco!!!! We need you here George!!!! PLEASE!!!

  2. Cathy H

    I agree with Sharon T. Come to San Francisco, or any place on the west coast. Of course ABC has those locations booked already after your tour.

  3. michelle allen

    please come to Fair Oaks near Boerne Texas to play we have an irish pub we would love to have you George

  4. Grammie

    We have a great Irish Pub in Alameda, Ca com to Calif and see we miss you…

  5. Kathy

    Come to Vancouver or Seattle

  6. Susan Mooney

    Hey George, have you got your acceptance speech written yet? You are going to win! We don’t fail. I have a long list of pubs for you to sing in around Detroit too.They have had you long enough,our turn LOL

  7. Annie

    :( Nothing in Seattle or Vancouver!
    George, loved you on the cruise! Can’t wait until December to see you in Seattle!

  8. SaDonna

    come to Missouri……and stay! :)

  9. Mike Herrington

    George , we were at the CT show in Saint Louis, a few weeks ago. We had a great time, did not want to fight the crowd after to say hi. We enjoyed meeting you at Jinty’s last April, hope the owner came through his issues with health ok.
    There is a great scottish pub in Saint Louis , you should try to come there some time.
    We will look for you our next spring trip over. We are bringing our girls to Scotland and Ireland at the end of this month, but you will be here.
    Cheers have a good holiday season!
    Mike and Cammie Herrington

  10. Hey George, had the best time on the cruise!!! All the shows were fantastic. Must admit we were a little loud, singing with you all!!! Your show on the lido deck was super! Had our picture taken together and gave you your T-shirt. I’m glad you liked it-have you won it yet?? Will try and see you in Philly Dec.9th. Best to you always!!!!!

  11. Meileen

    Hi George! Love,love,love the new album!!!! Can’t wait to hear you sing these songs at Mullaney’s Harp & Fiddle in Pittsburgh in Dec. Enjoyed meeting with you at the signings in Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Cleveland last month. Couldn’t do the cruise this year but I have signed up for 2014! Love you! Take care & God bless!

  12. Carol

    Please come to Atlanta.

  13. evelyn

    Come to atlanta please or near

  14. kathy

    Is there anywhere near Warner Robins, Ga you could come? Can try to get my husband to come if it has to be Atlanta! I hope you can soon if not this time around :)

  15. Shelley

    CANADA !
    Would prefer east coast…but anywhere would be nice!!!
    PLEASE :)

  16. Margaret

    Would be nice to see U in Boston again….Please!

  17. Betty Gilbert

    George I would like to know if you will be making it to British Columbia in the near future, Truly enjoyed your solo performance and group performances on the CT cruise. The golf was brilliant too. No bad for a gent from my moms hometown. Good on ye

  18. Cathy G

    Hi George!! Would love for you to come to the midwest one day!!!
    Cathy G

  19. Sarah Lindmark

    Hello george! Could you please come to chicago!?!

  20. Val

    Hi George,
    I would love you to come to Vancouver or Abbotsford. It was a privledge to meet you on the cruise and have my picture taken with you. Hope to see you again soon.


  21. Carol

    Hi George,
    Mark and I had a wonderful time with everybody on the cruise. It would be great to do it again!
    Please come to Boston again. We enjoyed your performance at the Banshee Pub.
    Happy Holidays and see you soon!
    Mark and Carol Kershaw

  22. Donna Guajardo

    Please we would love to see you here in houston, tx. Please try to come here.

  23. Amy L

    Hey George! Please come to SC or somewhere near, if you can! I haven’t seen a single solo show yet and it’s one of my current dreams! :)
    Thanks for bringing us amazing music. Take care on the rest of the tour :)

  24. Grammie

    Come to California amazing Irish Pubs here……

  25. Janneke

    Love it, happy for you and your solodates.
    In Europe we will wait for you, please do not forget about us.. :)
    Janneke and Finn.

  26. Trudy Miner

    George, can you fit Flannigan’s in Dunedin, FL in before you head back north? They remolded and would love to have you back (I asked). I’d love to see you again too; Sat. night in Clearwater just wasn’t enough!

  27. Bernadette

    Anxious to attend the Philadelphia show and am very blessed to attend with the best “Gold and Silver” friends, Eva, Vicki and Aunt Louise.

  28. Eva Wade

    Sissy, our Aunt Louise, our friend Bernadette, and I have our reservations for The Plough and Stars and Best Western hotel rooms all set. Marion has our dinner reservations set for us–she is such great gal! Vicki and I will have our shawls to polish–shall I have Our Aunt Louise bring a powder puff in case the lights glare too much?

  29. Susan

    Dear George, Thanks for autographing your latest CD “World In My Mind”. Love playing it at home and in my car!!! Especially loved “Tangled Puppet” and “Belle of Liberty”. You are a special singer/songwriter!

    Hope you enjoyed the cruise as much as I did. We really weren’t running away from you on the deck. That little shower turned into a soaker!!! So glad that I could get to see and hear you at two gigs. We did a not of calculating and running from one end of the ship to the other to get in line but it was definitely worth it. Thanks again! Hope you had some down time to enjoy some relaxing vacation minutes!

    See you soon at Culhanes!!! and hope to see you again with your sweet family soon. Sarah is a delight and Carolyn was such a “trooper” taking pictures of you with other women, smiling and conversing with everyone. You are a blessed man. Hang in there with your new teenager!!! It’ll only get worse and better all at the same time! You will actually grow closer but in a different way and she’ll soon realize that you are much better than “One Direction” because you love her.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful music with the world!!! You are appreciated!

  30. josie

    Any nyc shows and maybe a mon-Thursday I work Fri-Sun night

  31. Lu

    hi there George i have been enjoying your CD all day. and was just thinking “hmmm, wonder if George will come to Chicago” well how about adding a show? We have a great place here! If not, maybe something to consider in the future. There is a lot more to see in our fine city!
    enjoy your tour and shows

  32. Hopefully you’ll come to Spokane or Seattle again next year..would sure love to attend one of your shows!! Take care, safe travels!

  33. Sue Gilbert

    Come anywhere in Texas, please!!!!!

  34. Rita G.

    One bad thing about your show on the cruise: Now we really know what we’re missing out on because you don’t come to California. :(

  35. Earlene Clinton

    Thanks soooooooo much to coming back to Culhane’s in 2 1/2 weeks but who’s counting. LOL Saw you in Roanoke, wonderful show. More than happy to help you at Culhane’s if I can. See you at both shows.

  36. Anna Marie

    George, Please come to Toronto or Hamilton Ontario…. I can see the sell out crowd now. Have a fantastic winter tour… and a blessed Christmas with your family :)

  37. Hey George when are you coming back to fortmcmurray I really enjoyed it the first time you guys came so please come back especially you Keith

  38. Lisa

    Would love it if you could make it to the East Tennessee area…Irish Times in Knoxville, TN or Flaherty’s Irish Pub in Maryville, TN.

  39. Grammie

    Wishing Calif was one of those dates,missing so much this 2013 :-(

  40. Brittany Smith

    Please perform solo shows in the Atlanta,GA Area!

  41. Margaret

    I don’t see Boston in the list, are U still coming? I am looking forward for the show, I need to be patience for now and wait, we all want to be there and see the show but there is so much to do over here,( for a couple of weeks), so I hope to see U in December…Hope U all have a great show tonight, I am waiting to hear from U soon about the solo… Until then Margaret

  42. Julie Druckman

    omgomgomg… can’t wait! Hoping I can save up enough for my husband and I to make it to your gig in Philly!