Thanks for Last Year

Well, 2014 is here. I have to say that i loved 2013, if this year brings half as much i’ll be a happy man. It was great to be on Tour in Australia, great to be back in Canada and great to be in the States. It’s been a busy time for Celtic Thunder and for myself as a soloist. The release of my second CD “The World In My Mind” required a lot of time and focus but with the help of Dave Cooke it all went to plan. He was amazing on “The White Rose” and i knew he would be amazing on my second one too. I can’t thank you all enough for all the comments and support i received through out the year. It was great to hear all your thoughts on the “Mythology” tour, truly my favourite tour to date. Celtic Thunder has gone from strength to strength over the past 6/7 years and long may it all last. The Cruise proved to be a great idea, I’m not sure who’s idea it was (I heard fans suggested it…..Or was it Sharon), all i can say is that i had a ball. I performed in three solo shows and four Celtic Thunder Shows.  I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. “I truly believe that i have the best of both worlds” Singing on the big stage then, taking it all down to the intimacy of sitting with a guitar, telling stories, hearing your stories and oh yeah singing a lot of songs along the way. I loved the fact that there was also a chance to take part in all the fun and games, with Mini Golf…… I have to say that i thought i played better that i ever thought i could do, (Maybe it was because the Ship was moving). The quiz shows were great fun. There were many friends found and made anew, as always seems to happen when Celtic Thunder are around.

The Mythology tour lasted just over three months, travelling almost in a full loop from BC Canada all the way to Nova Scotia, heading all through the States and ending up in Seattle. A lot of miles, a lot of faces and a lot of laughs along the way.From Seattle to Florida for the start of a nine date Solo Schedule Ending in New York taking in Pittsburgh and Philly to name just a couple. There is something special about meeting everyone on a personal level, one of the aspects i love about the Solo shows, on my own and on the Cruise.

I want to give a MASSIVE thanks to everyone involved in making 2013 what it was for me. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are other people out there doing there best for you, who care how you get on. Special thanks must go out to the “George Donaldson Street Team” for all their hard work in promoting me. It was just the best to have a group photo taken with many of them in the “Plough ‘n’ Stars” before the show. I think it’s easy sometimes to think that things just happen and everything works out, then you see that there are people behind the scenes doing all they can for you. I suppose it’s like believing in “Santa”…….. only to discover that he is real. Thanks once again for all you do.

I hope that 2014 has many pleasant surprises for us all. Let’s not just aim for the goals but enjoy all the play that leads up to them……… even if ultimately you don’t hit the target.

P.S. To all of you affected by the FREEZING weather, wrap up well and take care. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again later this year


Have a great beginning to to the year and hope to see you along the way.



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  1. Linda Sams

    Happy New Year George. I look forwarding to seeing you back in Nova Scotia this year.

  2. jackie Reeves

    Thank you for being you!!! I enjoy your solo gigs as well as Celtic Thunder. I took in my 1st CT concert back in November, in Salina, Kansas. And I must say I wasn’t disappointed. You are an AMAZING artist. I’ve bought both of your solo CD’s and I love them BOTH!!! Keep up the wonderful work my dear Scotsman.
    Til next time my friend,
    Jackie Reeves

  3. Hello George,
    Thanks for the “wee” blog. It’s nice to know about your travels and how life is treating you. I certainly hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Spending time with family is very important. So glad you had the time of your life on the cruise as well. I didn’t make it. But hopefully next year. I did get to see you in Atlantic City in October. It was the highlight of 2013 for me. (tough year). I am looking forward to a wonderful 2014. Have a blessed day, And thank you again.

  4. JeanneS

    Great blog, George! It was a wonderful year, and your Street Team will continue to support you. Bring on 2014!

  5. Eleanor Hill

    Love your singing.Would really like to have Celtic Thunder come to Rama,in Canada.Any chance of this?

  6. Michele

    My hubby and I thoroughly enjoyed your show at Culhane’s and look forward to seeing you again in Florida. Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening and for being such a good sport about the photo :) May you and yours have all the world’s happiness in your lives this coming year and always.

  7. Katie Thrower

    George may God bless you and your family in 2014 and it is an awesome year for y’all. I know 2014 is going to be an awesome year for me I’m so proud to be part of the street team and guess what I’m finally gonna get to do what I’ve always wanted to do my boyfriend hopefully my fiance by then he knows how much I’ve always wanted to go to Glasgow and he’s going to take me this March so hopefully see ya at Jinty and even if not it’ll still be one awesome trip! :)

  8. Margo McKee

    I just discovered Celtic Thunder in November last as a friend sent me a u-tube video. I loved it so much my daughter bought me the Group’s first video and a CD. I am now totally hooked. Hope 2014 is a good year for you all.

  9. Bobbie

    Thanks George enjoy you so much. I missed your gig in Jacksonville, FL but I WILL be there next time! And I also hope that you, and CT go on for a VERY long time. Best to you and your family for a great new year………..
    P.S. studying my family roots and found out I’m Scot/Irish whoo hooo

  10. Cathey C.

    George, it was so great to see you again while you were in Spokane. Always a delight! Love the new album as much as the first and would love to have a sit down chat to find out more about some of the songs! I do hope 2014 is good to you and that I’ll see you again somewhere along the way. Your acoustic show in Seattle will always be a highlight for me. Maybe I’ll get to Jinty’s one of these years to see you on “your own turf”. Blessings to you, Carrie and Sarah! Please tell them thanks for sharing you with all of us.

  11. Donna S.

    Thanks for the blog! It was so lovely talking with you before the 12/6 show at Flanagan’s. You always put on such a great solo show for your fans and always try to make sure we get all of our requests heard. Mythology was wonderful and will be difficult to top, that’s for sure. Looking forward to seeing you this year, hopefully at another solo show, but definitely with CT if you all come close enough to go see. Best wishes for all the success in 2014.

  12. Jackie Sue Young
  13. Mae-Ann

    Happy New Year George, hope the coming year is better than even your dreams see, looking forward to a new show even though I can’t be there in person I love the CD’s and DVD’s in my living room. God bless you and your family with abundant blessings…<3

  14. Joanne Kallady

    Can’t wait to see you again in Ballarat, Australia in June this year. Have had tickets for nearly 12 months.. It the concert is half as good as “The Voyage” I won’t be disappointed.

  15. Cheryl Palmer

    What a great blog! Really enjoyed the Celtic Thunder show I went to St. Paul, MN in October of 2013. Finally got to meet you in person at the Meet & Greet. The cruise was great fun enjoyed all the entertainment and all the great fun. Got to see you for one of you solo shows which you did on Lido deck. Want to thank you for taking the time to stop and have your picture taken with me even though you were in a rush. That really made my night that day. Can’t wait to see what this next year brings. Hopefully you could do some solo shows around the Midwest area! That would be great. Hope to see another CT show this year as well as get to go and the crusie again. Thanks for thinking about everyone in the Freezing area. I am from Iowa and it is just one of the Freezing area’s here in the States. Best wishes for a great 2014!!!!

  16. Deb

    Happy Year to you and your family. Maybe you could come enjoy our nice Arizona weather for a solo tour. Would love to see you. Hint hint Michael Londra will be here in March. I’m driving 2 hours to see him:)

  17. Diana S

    Absolutely George, life is about the journey and not just the destination. It’s wonderful to hear you sounding happy, contented and optimistic – lucky George!! Best wishes for 2014, and omg I sure hope you get somewhere near the southwest this year :)

  18. Robin

    It was a great blog George!! I know the highlight of my 2013 was getting to see you perform in Concord New Hampshire with Celtic Thunder!! I wanted to see if you made me feel the songs in my heart like you do on your DVD’s & CD’s!! I was not disappointed you were fantastic,it was one of my dreams come true!! I don’t know if I will make it to another concert but at least I got to see you in person once!! Thank you for all that you have done for your fans,you have given so much of yourself to all of us!! I hope that 2014 brings you as much success & happiness as 2013 has!!

  19. Vicki

    Happy 2014 George to you and your family from our family here in Wichita, Kansas. We would love to see you here in Wichita. Stay safe, stay happy and stay awesome.

  20. Donna G

    It was a fantastic year. Thanks to you for brightening my year with your music and your kindness and humor. Not only did I get to see CT, I have seen your last 2 solo shows in Pittsburgh and they were the best ever. I can’t wait for the next one!!! Take care and be warm. It is 0 degrees here right now!

  21. SaDonna

    Loved seeing you in St. Louis for 6 years! Just wish I could see more! Best wishes for the upcoming year! It is a joy to see and hear you!

  22. Sue Gilbert

    I hope 2014 brings you even more happiness. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet you this past year but I hope to see you on the cruise in 2014. Wish you the best because I can’t think of anyone more deserving. Love both of your CD’s can’t wait to hear your next one…..:).

  23. George I saw you three times in 2013. Oct. 13 at the Fox Theatre with Celtic Thunder and both nights in early December in Dunedin, Florida. Your shows were the highlight of my entertainment year. I have “the white Rose”, “the world in my Mind” and 3 Celtic Thunder CD’s. Also 2 of Keith’s. I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your story of Harry Chapin and the song you wrote for him. I am also a huge fan of Harry and had seen him perform many, many times in the Detroit area. I have all of his CD’s …You keep his lyrics alive and give him the GREAT voice he always wanted!!

  24. Janet Kearton

    Enjoyed your blog……you DO seem like you are enjoying life to the fullest now. Was lucky enough to be on the cruise and was pleased to see you in one of your solo gigs. Think Celtic Thunder has found a magical combination of singers and personalities with all of you! Looking forward to being a fan for a long time! May 2014 be even better!

  25. Dear George, I just Love Celtic Thunder and watch every bit of news and music from them that I can. I loved your picture at home with your family, have we got an up to date one of your family this year. I love it that they have shared you with the world, and that CT has progressed so well. Looking forward to your Aussie tout and HOPE I see you all this time!!! Meanwhile God Bless and keep you all safe, and able to keep on singing!!. Love to your family and thanks for them sharing you with us all !!

  26. Ana Paula

    George, thank you for the chat, for the picture, for sign the Cd, for the great stories and for the wonderful shows solo and with the CT. I really glad for have meet you this year!

  27. Lora/WVGeorgeFan

    Happy New Year to you, too, George! Your music and personality brings so much joy to us and every trip we make to see Celtic Thunder is a memorable experience and always made more so if we get a chance to chat a minute or two with you, our favorite. This year my best friend Olivia and I got to travel to three CT concerts and were thrilled to be able to see your solo concert in Pittsburgh. Well worth the drive from West Virginia. You always make the journey worthwhile. I can’t wait to see what new music CT and you lads as individual artists have in store for us this year. My hope is that someday you will release a CD or DVD (one can dream) of George Donaldson: Live at Jintys! It wouldn’t have to fancy, just George in his natural habitat….(-;
    As always, thank you for the music!

  28. Heidi Doran

    Happy New Year George. It was really nice seeing you at the McCaw Hall Venue in Seattle. I Loved seeing all you guys in the concert.

  29. Thanks George, for all your wonderful appearances. I wish to be on the Cruise 2014. . Yes, we are very cold for Oklahoma but we are going to get through this. Trees are down, due to weight of ice, etc. My poor husband has been cutting trees down right and left. But we have about 300 more, hope they stay up. ;-) Can’t wait until you come back to Tulsa, Oklahoma hopefully ” The Joint”, like this last year. We drive to Kansas spend the night after the concert there, then we see you when you come to Oklahoma. See we have the best of 2 worlds. It’s wonderful !! Good Luck and Health for you and your Family. ( girls). Go mbeannaí Dia duit agus mise le Sláinte, agus Rachmais, go léir i rith na bliana. Taisteal Sábháilte./ Debbie

  30. Roylene Jonas

    George—Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us. You are such a talented man. I have seen CT the last 5 years. Love you guys (I’m truly hooked on CT). I have all CD’s and DVD’s you’ve all produced. I see your shows with two of my granddaughters (ages 23 and 17). This our girls night out. Can’t wait to see you in 2014. Highlight of my year was meeting Neil, Ryan and especially you in Charlotte. Love to Carrie and Sarah for sharing you with us.
    Again THANK YOU!!!!

  31. Thanks so mush for making so many people happy. I love your blogs they seam so personal and honest. Be safe and I do intend to see you one day. Again THANKS.

  32. Mary

    Happy New Year to you and yours from me and mine here in Pennsylvania. I love listening to you and Celtic Thunder. First saw you on a PBS special and have been hooked ever since. We are all tucked in tonight wind chill feels like -35 so it makes a good night for watching Mythology. Love ya all have a great 2014.

  33. Nancy

    Always enjoy your music. Both solo and with CT. Hope to see you in 2014. The best to you and your family

  34. Carol Weber

    Thank you George. Happy New Year to you, your family and friends. Great fun ending our “Celtic Thunder” year with you at The Plough & Stars `n The George Donaldson Street Team. Hoping for a fantastic 2014. :).

  35. Love your voice, George and your part of Celtic thunder I liked the “heartland” music better than mythology, but I am still a CT fan with most of CTs albums

  36. Franchon

    Thank you for this lovely Blog George. You may not be aware of the positive roll model you are to the young fathers out there. Your relationship with your daughter is very special. Unfortunately some men have no roll models to watch and learn from for good parenting. Thank you for all you do and say whether in person or on Twitter. You are one of a kind, sir. Loving both of your CD’s. Thank you for the stories. Looking forward to 2014. Blessings to you and your family. <3

  37. Susan S

    Thank you for taking the time to write your blog, George.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES! My 2013 was amazing since I was able to go on the CT cruise with my sister!!! We had a BLAST and were able to attend your gig and also the one on the Lido Deck (rain and all)! You really outdid yourself with the game show! I don’t remember having a more exciting and memorable time in my life!!! Not bad for a grandma!! It even surpassed the year I went to a CT Concert and a day later was treated to Keith’s gig at Culhanes (along with Sharon, Emmet, Daniel, and many more there! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing and hearing you at Culhanes again this year. Your stories, voice and humor kept everyone enthralled, clapping and singing. You’re a kind and thoughtful man! Love and best wishes to Carrie and Sarah. (Good luck with the teenage years! You’ll spend a lot of time on your knees asking for patience and guidance!) Harry Chapin must have had a teenage daughter to have written “Tangled Up Puppet”! Hope to see you again at Culhanes this year!!

  38. Happy New Year to you and yours. Grand that you’ll be back…’cause you’re friggin’ gorgeous!

  39. Christie Pafford

    Well the blog on this site answers my question George; if you saw my question LOL. . Hope to see another solo show sometime this year. Really want to hear Pinball Wizard again – it was AWESOME. I had it stuck in my head for a long time. Hope you and the family had a good Christmas and that Santa was good to you all. How are you enjoying your new teenager? Have you had to talk to the hand or the booty yet? I’m sure your 2014 will be as good if not better than 2013 both personally and professionally. The Street Team will do all we possibly can to help promote you. Hope to see you back in the states soon.

  40. Liliane Carroll-Brun

    Thanks for your kind words! This is what attracts me to the CT group! You are not only the best preformers but you are also involved with your fans. I am part of your Street team and it is a wonderful group! Thanks for aknowledging us! Your solo shows are fantastic as are all the CT guys. I must say I am fickle! When you are on, you are my favorite, when Colm is on, he is my favorite, and so on….la flamme du jour! Like my 10 brothers and sisters and my children and grandchildren! There are no two alike but i love them all the same! So I sincerely wish you an even better 2014! Will see you on the cruise again and hope that CT returns to Moncton, NB next fall!

  41. Carole Brock

    Dear George, There a four of us who love your music in our family, I hope we get to see you again in 2014. We have all of the CD’s, I have to get your new one soon. Thank you so much for the beautiful music. Carole

  42. Terry Sigrist

    Love your music and enjoyed the cruise! I didn’t feel the ship move!

  43. Shelley

    Hi George, HAPPY 2014 ! Thanks for the update. It was a pure delight, my best birthday present ever to see CT in Moncton last Sept and chat with you after the show in the pub, icing on the cake!!! Also, a huge thank you for the game of mini golf on the cruise and for the most unforgettable solo show I have ever seen. You share so much of yourself and we are so lucky. I wish you and your family a very healthy, happy & blessed year ahead. Just remember…eastern Canada awaits your arrival !!!
    See you soon my friend.

  44. Barbara Hartnett

    Lovely blog, George. 2013 was, indeed, a memorable year. “Mythology” was absolutely stunning, and the cruise was the trip of a lifetime (at least until the next one). Got to see three of your solo shows on the ship and, of course, the one at the Plough. You just seem to get better and better. I love being part of your Street Team. They’re great people who really care about you, and it was great getting to meet so many of them at the Plough (You were very patient with that picture!). All the best in 2014. Now relax and enjoy the family. Oh, and keep the book suggestions coming. The kids are loving “The Alchemist.” ;-)
    Barbara xx

  45. George, wishing you the best in 2014. Hoping that Celtic Thunder and you decide to park it for atleast one night in Portland, Oregon. Also, if there is a cruise again, would you guys think about a Pacific Cruise leaving from the west coast instead of east coast. Give us a chance please to get on and enjoy your performances. Will close and simply say, hope you are enjoying being a father of a teenage daughter and Happy New Year to you and all.

  46. Kristi Karr

    Happy New Year George.

  47. Cindy H

    Hi George. Welcome to 2014!

    Thanks for taking the time out to write your “wee” blog. If you can take the time to write it (regardless of short/long it is), then fans should take the time to read it.

    Saw you for the first time last year with CT and almost completely ecstatic looking forward to seeing CT again this year in June – Had tix since Aug last year ad with every month that passes, the excitement grows. :D

    I know that it is a very very long way from Scotland to down under but I think I can say in all honesty that Australia awaits your next arrival mid-year with baited breath!

  48. Susan Moore

    Hey George, thanks for the blog! Saw and briefly met you at the after-show table in Cleveland–you signed my program. Love both your albums, esp. The song World in my Mind and Belle of Liberty. Hope Cleveland is on CT’s tour this year. Have a great year!

  49. Hi George, Glad to hear that yu are happy and enjoying yourself at home. Thanks for the phone call ,made life fun and with Brian in the hospital I felt a bit less lonley here. The four of you sounded like you were having a good time! . Good news, I’ll be able to go to a concert this year YEAH!!!! You’ll be able to hear me yelling from the stage. This has been a fun year with the Street Team,can you believe how many members we have now???? We are going to really work on Scotland and Ireland this year so you have a better chance at winning the Scotland Music awards,sound good??? Ok, I’ve taken up enough of your time, have a fantastic time with Carrie and Sarah this year and we’ll see you soon. ok boss,stay warm,Susan

  50. Susan Elaine

    Happy New Year, George! I hope you have a great one. We can’t wait until you and the lads come back to Hershey. We also hope to catch one of your solo show this year!

  51. Denise Koenig

    Hello George! I love listening to CT and to you! Please consider visiting Arizona on your next tour, It is such a beautiful place! We would love to be able to attend one of your concerts!

  52. Mary Slowinski

    Happy New Year George. Hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday. My sister and I were able to see your excellent performance and talk with you at the Plough and Star in Philly. That’s when I joined the George Donaldson Street Team (Thanks for the mention in your blog). Also thanks for being such a great perforrmer and a very down to earth

  53. Pat Forbes Wheeler

    Hi there George! I love the group Celtic Thunder and have been an avid fan since the beginning! Love the Scottish touch you put into it also….with a name like Forbes I’m sure you can figure out why! My ancestry is Scotch/Irish…love the music! I saw my first live Celtic Thunder show in Nov. 2013 in Salina, KS and it was fabulous! Keep singing those Celtic ballads that we don’t hear that often in the USA..:) Glad you are getting some family time now that the long fall tour is over…I’m sure your family misses you….The best of everything to you in 2014 and here’s hoping Celtic Thunder will play somewhere close to where I live in Kansas again…..

  54. Hi George, Glad to hear that yu are happy and enjoying yourself at home. Thanks for the phone call ,made life fun and with Brian in the hospital I felt a bit less lonley here. The four of you sounded like you were having a good time! . Good news, I’ll be able to go to a concert this year YEAH!!!! You’ll be able to hear me yelling from the stage. This has been a fun year with the Street Team,can you believe how many members we have now???? We are going to really work on Scotland and Ireland this year so you have a better chance at winning the Scotland Music awards,sound good??? Ok, I’ve taken up enough of your time, have a fantastic time with Carrie and Sarah this year and we’ll see you soon. ok boss,stay warm,and I can’t wait for the next albumThey keep getting better with each year that goes by.

  55. Bill Werhowatz

    Hi George, thank you so much for your blog. I wasn’t able to make the cruise, but I did see the show in Chicago. It was the best one so far. My daughter & I really like it. I did get a chance to meet you at a meet & Greet a couple of years ago. I’m 80 years, but I still enjoy going to the concerts. Maybe one of these times I will be able to see your solo tours in the Chicago area. Take care and God Bless, with love and prayers, Bill from Gary, Indiana

  56. Earlene Clinton

    Always love reading your wee blogs. As part of your street team it was lovely of you to mention us. All we want is for everyone to hear your beautiful voice and appreciate your great style. When you get rich and famous you can rent a ship and take us all on a cruise with just you and your family. Can you imagine a ship full of only Big G lovers? LOL Solo concerts all the time. I want to thank you for those 5 solos you did in FL that I was lucky enough to attend. You were so warm and kind to spend the time talking to me and Christi. Thank you. The high point of 2013 and I hope to be able to do it again. Enjoy your off time with the family and maybe write another album for us to enjoy. Unless the CT Christmas show finds a venue large enough close to me I won’t be seeing all of you this year but I hold out hopes for some more solos. Happy Christmas, Happy Hogmanay, and Happy New Year to you and all you love.

  57. Christine

    Hi George, Happy New Year! The night at the Plough was so much fun!! I have a feeling 2014 will be a great year! Hope to see you several times in 2014! The other cuddly one says to say hello as well! ;)

  58. Maggie Costello

    Hi, George~
    Wow, this past year surely flew by! You, alone and with Celtic Thunder kept all of us busy, busy, busy with blogs, Tweets, new music solo and Mythology shows galore! It was a wild ride! LOL!
    Your GDST is absolutely delighted that you had a great 2013a….it is a pleasure to be able to tell the world all about you and your music!
    It was such fun giving you The Book, “Our Land’, so you can see where we all come from, and was so lovingly created by Susan Mooney with our help; and many thanks for the fun and group photo in Philadelphia! I would love to see more cities post group picture as well!
    Thanks to your lovely ladies at home for sharing your talent , music and presence with us!
    Roll on 2014 with Health, Happiness and even more Success for you in the coming year!
    Cheers! Maggie

  59. Trudy Miner

    George, thanks so much for singing Happy Birthday to me at your show 12/5 in Dunedin. You have no idea how much that meant to me; my birthday is usually a non-event and you made it special in a big way (also thanks for the autographed poster from Flanagan’s now hanging on my CT wall). I also saw you, Ryan, Neil and Colm after the concert 11/9 in Clearwater at the table; it was great talking to you there too. I hope Carrie and Sarah liked the Christmas tree ornament I gave you at Flanagan’s; I wanted something to remind you of Florida! All of you people of CT are so nice to us fans and that’s why we love you so! Happy & blessed 2014!

  60. Jennifer Dale

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful 2014, can’t wait to see you again in Perth in July…Woohoo 2 shows this year :)

    keep warm
    Jennifer in Perth AU

  61. Linda Gray

    George you are truly a gentleman in every sense of the word. Thank you for the pleasure you bring to so many. Best wishes to you and your family for 2014.
    Linda Gray

  62. June Sinclair

    I love watching Mythology dvd here in Australia. So much talent. It is a great production and my husband and I just love it. Thanks

  63. SisterDar

    We Nova Scotian’s are so proud and honored to have Halifax Town as a song you wrote. Wishing our favorite SCOT all the best for 2014. See you in Halifax soon. God Bless

  64. Billie c

    Thanks for the blog George. I have followed you from the first CT show but I have never been fortunate enough to see one of your solo gigs however I would love to. You are a delightful entertainer and a wonderful family man. God Bless you and take care.

  65. sparki

    you guys are great we love it when you come to Prince George B.C was at your concerts would love to hear your solo you have an amasing voice

  66. Lois "Loris" L

    Happy New Year! Glad to meet with you again at Rory’s. Great gig. Looking to March 2014 next gig at Rory’s :) “Loris” NYC

  67. Sunni

    Hope the new year is even better than last. Did you have a chance at all to check on an accompaniment CD of A Place in the Choir? Hadn’t heard anything new from you, so I thought I’d check. We’ll watch for you around Jacksonville again this year and look forward to catching you as often as possible. :-) Loves!

  68. Hi George.all i can say is i love the Celtic Thunder group you are my all time favorite singing group every time you are on T.v my neighbor hood here’s Celtic music .the music makes my day please keep it going cant wait for you to come to Los Aneles Calif to perform . love to see you sing solo so good and from the hart again your group makes my day and i have your Cd and play them all the time love and a very very Happy new Year to you and your family.

  69. Dear George, 2013 was indeed a very special year! I was so glad to have had the pleasure to spend time talking to you on the cruise. That cruise was terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to the next one! I know you very much enjoyed being home. Here’s to safe travels, and a superb 2014!!!!!!!!

  70. Deb Pevlin

    Hi George, thanks for the blog. So glad to hear 2013 tour & solo gigs lived up to all you were hoping it would. You certainly accomplished a lot with “Mythology”, your 2nd solo cd (which I love), and the performances on the Cruise. And now your toughest job yet coming up….the father of a teenage daughter….good luck, lol :) Looking forward to seeing you “along the way” in 2014. Happy New Year!

  71. Judith Anderson

    Thanks George for everything in 2013 looking forward to 2014 and all you do for us

  72. Looking forward to seeing Celtic Thunder for the third time in May in Canberra.

  73. Kati Dayton

    Thank you George for your wonderful performance both in Fort Smith & the San Antonio show. The fort Smith performance was a chance for me to see you perform live. I loved it. That was a birthday present from my Husband. & then my dad got tickets to see you in San Antonio & I HAD to see you perform again. You’re such a great performer. I got my mom & sister hooked on you too. :-) Hope you have a wonderful year & Can’t wait to see you later this year. Hopefully you’ll come my way again.

  74. Judy Laughlin

    Really enjoyed your solo show on the cruise! And my husband had fun playing golf with you on the ship!! Looking forward to the next cruise :)

  75. Bernadette

    What a wonderful winter wonderland following the Plough n Stars in Philadelphia. May our journeys cross paths again, same time, same place, new gingerbread houses in the lobby next year. I look forward to perhaps getting you and Raymond to come to the Southern Tier of NYS.