The World In My Mind :)

The World In My Mind :)

Well Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s with great relief that “The World In My Mind” has finally released. It’s been such a long time in the making and in many ways, i think it seemed like harder work than “The White Rose” tho i have to say, no less enjoyable. I think this was due to a lot of touring commitments with the show. It’s hard to convey your thoughts and song across the world when you are constantly on the move….. But “Suffice to say” we got there in the end.

I worked along with Dave Cooke again on this one, as i was so happy with the results of TWR. His understanding of what i want is uncanny, his artistic input is second to none i believe. He keeps me right when my mind is running away with it’s self too. He has worked with many greats down the days and has a phenomenal knowledge of what it takes. I’ve already had many questions about my song selection for this cd, why i chose the covers that i did and what inspired me to write the originals. Well it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a long story behind it all…….. Always with the stories……. Everyone of the songs on the disc have a real personal reason for being written or selected.

Over the next couple of months i will slowly reveal what they meant to me. Either in a video blog or just a good old fashioned “Written” blog. I thought it would be a good idea to give the cd a couple of weeks start before i began talking about the songs, to give people a wee chance to hear everything. As with “The White Rose” i’ll open it up to the vote what songs you would like to hear about first, tho i will chose the first one myself……. What will it be??? I’ll let you know early next week in a video blog…..

Ewan will be opening a section on the website for questions to be posted and i’ll work my way through “Them All” and answer to the best of my ability. OH,,,,,,, I also have sorted out a POBOX address too. I will have it up today or tomorrow. Tho if you want to write to me, there will be a place on the website to do so. I think that’s about it for the moment.

So will you tune in for the Video blog next week???

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  1. Katie Thrower

    yay for the p.o. box being sorted so happy about that now I can finally send you a copy of my White Rose project :)

  2. Paula Kellogg

    I can’t wait to get my copy of World! Yup, I’ll tune in for the video blog! Can’t wait to hear the stories. I love to know the stories behind songs. Songs convey so much. I seem to be able to put my OWN spin on the stories of the songs so it’s great to know why the artist wrote or chose.

  3. george been a loyal fan of celtic thunder for many many i donna think a pack of wild horses will keep me n me wife from it..o 1 major question wife has is..when is celtic thunder coming to the johnstown,pa area to perform?right now pittsburgh a wee bit to travel for your concerts…tgf for pbs tho..and we do contribute to them…emeris ohara

  4. Mariette Olson

    Hello George,

    I am very excited to be getting your new CD very soon. I love the Whit Rose CD and know that this new CD is just as wonderful. I would not expect anything different if the songs you choose for this CD to be of some personal nature. I am also excited to be able to see all of you this October in St. Paul MN with my family. I know that everything will be wonderful. I will be doing my best to tune in for the Video Blog but it all depends on when and what day as our daughter Nicole will be graduating on June 1st with high honors, there is so much to do between now and then :)
    To top it off her Adaptive Soft Ball team has made it to State which is also on the 31st and the 1st of June. As I said it is going to be a very busy next week, week and a half :)
    Love to you and your family, God Bless

  5. Angela

    Congrats to you! Love your soothing voice and uplifting spirit!

  6. Diane McKinstry

    I love your first CD, I will love this one too, so now I have to find it. I am in Alabama, so, here I come again.

  7. Katie Thrower

    George I love TWR but I think I’m actually loving TWIMM more both CD are amazing my 4 yr old cousin Isabell thinks so too every time she comes to my house she asks to listen to George one day when she was about 2 & saw a picture of you she told you to behave it was too cute she used to call you Georshe cause she couldn’t pronounce your name right :)

  8. I am sure that I will love this one as much as I love the White Rose!! You have such a beautiful way of singing George that touches my heart!! Every song you sing comes through as special,you can tell it means a lot to you!! I can feel the songs & their meanings,that is how I can tell if a performer is good! I have always been very honest about music because it means so much to me! I have only come across a few truly great performers that touch my soul when they sing & you are one of them!! Thanks for all you give to us George!!

  9. Jeanne S

    Hi George,
    Been listening to TWIMM for a few weeks now and think I have found my favorites….Belle of Liberty, The World in My MInd, Dreams of Broadway and Tony’s Symphony. Sorry, I can’t choose just one. CD Baby has shipped my cd, and I can’t wait to get it! In the meantime, we will be playing the downloaded songs on our drive to Maine tomorrow. Might sneak The White Rose and Mythology on there too….it is a long ride! :) Hope to be around for your next chat. Keep well.
    Rock On!

  10. Hi George…wow hearing from you twice this week, lucky us! ;-) I am eager to hear the story behind “Commune”, I have my own theory, but will wait for the inspiration for it from you!
    Loving the stories, you have found a very personal way to sing, amazing!
    Maggie C.

  11. bob maxfield

    Just a short note to say you are awesome. Am coming back to my families roots in Ireland in Sept. And your songs are the inspiration for me to do so. For me you are an inspiration. ..

  12. Lillie Dale Brown

    So excited for you, George. We fans have been so anxious for the new release…we will NOT, however,forget TWR…. you can be sure of that! Congrats, George, looking forward to the fall tour!

  13. Chami

    I love, LOVE CT!
    Have always wished that I could visit beautiful Scotland and Ireland one day.
    I live in hot, sunny South Africa and I hope Celtic Thunder will tour SA someday soon!!!
    Like the big fellow most of all on CT!!
    God bless you!!

  14. Donna Nyhagen

    Hi George!
    Love your message! I can’t wait until you put The World in my Mind on ITunes! That’s where I got to download The White Rose! I love that cd and can’t wait to have this one! Looking forward to seeing you and the lads in Saskatchewan again in September! Another phone call perhaps?

  15. Good luck with the new CD. It’s always nice to hear the stories behind the songs. It’ll be nice to be able to write you again. For the last 2 years your Christmas cards have been returned to me. Take care & God Bless.

  16. Charlie

    I have been a fan since the inception of CT. I have had the great fortune of meeting all of the original member’s of CT, but you. My wife and I loved the music and especially the live shows we ha seen 5 or 6 before she passed on. I hope to meet you either in Connecticut or Boston this year. A great fan and your daughter is very beautiful and getting big, I saw her little cameo on Mythology with you “Scarlet Ribbons”.

  17. Joann

    Hello, George Thanks for a chance to speak with you! My CD is on the way and I cannot wait for it to arrive!! Love white Rose and am looking forward to hearing your new songs and hear your fabulous voice! I met you, Carrie and Sarah in Jacksonville last year. Such a sweet family!! I live in Georgia and see you and the lads at the Fox every time you are there. (see you again this time, Tickets are already in hand!) Wish you all could sit on my back porch with us and sip some sweet Southern tea!! Just want you to know how much I love your voice and your sweet personality. You are a true gentleman, Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  18. Christine

    Hi George, Love The World In My Mind. Play it all the time at work to keep me calm which isn’t the easiest task. You have outdone yourself once again. I can’t wait to hear all the stories behind the selection of songs. :) See you on the fall tour!

  19. Katie Thrower

    I just wanted to say George that you’ve touched my heart through your music. When I’m really down and out or sad or even mad all I have to do is listen to one,of your solo CDs and I feel so much better. I’d also,like to say you’re such an inspiration thanks to you I’ve done things I never thought I would’ve you’re my hero because of you and your music I feel like I can accomplish any dream I put my mind to aside from being a singer,I love to sing but I know I’m not very good at it. Thank you for everything you do and keep on singing.

  20. Uncissister

    Greetings George. You and the CD Baby people are a match made in some wonderful alternative reality!! I downloaded The (etherial) World & realize I have to go for the manifested (CD) version as well. (At least that one you will be able to sign with less difficulty. ) Thank you for giving this rich experience of song & story & Heart to us. I am very eager to hear about your relationship to these songs (I shared some of my own experience in a review on CD BAby). WK

  21. Billie Cain

    Have followed you from the first CT show and have all the DVDs. Love your CD and eagerly awaiting this one. God bless, see you in Grand Prairie No. 23v

  22. Trudy Miner

    George, thanks for the blog! I’m so anxious to get TWIMM, as I’ve heard the snippets on iTunes and I’ll order it as soon as my money comes in next week. Thanks, too, for finally solving the great P.O. Box problem for your fans; we’ve been waiting a long time to be able to mail to you! I’m looking forward to getting your CD soon!

  23. Sue

    SOOOOO happy for you, George! Am anxiously awaiting the arrival of your brilliant new cd. Will have a pint or two in your honor tonight at the Plough! Cheers!

  24. Debby Fehse

    Received my copy yesterday. My rule about listening to new music is to wait till all is quiet so I can give it my full attention. I listen very closely the first time thru. You brought me to tears. The tunes, the words, the feelings behind the words, are all amazing but the voice that delivers them out shines them all. Thank you does not say enough.

  25. X Dahlstrom

    Well, I got my CD Sat. and after having listened to it about 15 times, I can’t say I have a favorite, all are wonderful to my ears. How prolific you are. I’ve already done research on Glencoe and The Annie Jane so my education of Scotland continues thanks to you. Love Tony’s Symphony and I imagine you did have an influence in that young man’s life. Was that long ago or does he still come listen to you? Keep up the good work my man bringing your music and mind to us who love all you do.

  26. Judy Roberson

    I have been out of town and my CD was waiting for me when I got home today. I’m listening to it at the moment. I haven’t decided if I have a favorite or not. Will let you know. So far, I love them all.

  27. Renee Flaherty

    Hi George! I received The world in my MInd a couple of days ago and absolutely LOVE it! So many of the songs are easy to relate to, such as Tangled up Puppet (I’m a parent), Belle of Liberty (I’m a wife) and Tony’s Symphony (I’m a parent of a sweet little girl on the autism spectrum, she’s quite different from Tony but thru our intense therapy sessions I’ve met a few who are like tony). I’m anxious to hear your explanation of the world in my mind, I bet it was written while on tour missing Scotland and all of it’s beauties. Being on tour gives you a new appreciation for the things you love and take for granted and can’t have while you are away……(am I close?) I enjoy the history lessons included in other songs as well. The quality of the CD sounds like we are back at Mulaney’s Harp and Fiddle at your solo show (which one day I’m sure will happen again). You are a man of many talents. We are fortunate to have you share them with us. Thank you George!!

  28. Gracie Jane Galway

    I’m loving the new CD. I Must have listened to it over 100 times now, and every time I hear every song I think ‘oh good I love this song’. I love the words, the stories, the music, the arrangements, the messages of hope and love, and most of all George’s incredible voice that comforts and protects us.
    It just makes me feel good. Each song is a work of art blended together to create the masterpiece that is “The World In My Mind”.

  29. Dee & Ed

    Your cd is wonderful !!! Have not picked a favorite yet but your story telling shines through! The instrumentation and vocals are great! Once again you have exceeded our expectations! We sincerely want to thank you for sharing with us your talent and time put into this!!

  30. Paula

    Hi George, your CD finally arrived and I just can’t stop playing it. I love every beautiful song! Thank you!! I’m looking forward to seeing you on tour this fall. Take care.

  31. Donnie Dillon

    What a talented young man! Loved” The White Rosé”! Hopefully I can get your new CD soon! Only 2 more payments for the cruise! More expensive because ii. Am treating my daughter! Love u and your music!
    Donnie. Dillon

  32. X Dahlstrom

    Yes, I’m looking forward to the stories behind the songs. How about Dreams of Broadway? Is that a fantasy of yours making it when you were younger? How does that compare to your life now?

  33. Lillie Dale Brown

    Just received “The World in My Mind” and there’s only one word…BRAVO! Again, George, you have hit the mark as you did with “The White Rose.” With your tutelage and pedagogics, you have eased us back to a past that wants for remembering. Thank you for imparting some of your knowledge of not only Scottish but Canadian, American and German history! You have sent me to the books to learn more of Sophie Scholl, Glencoe and even Paulo Coelho! Congrats on the CD, George, and again BRAHHHH-VO!

  34. caroline flanagan jones

    Hi George…thank you for this wondeful CD. And thank you for telling us all of your fondness for the Second WWII. My mother lived the WWII. She was a child in Germany. She met my father after the war (he was in the army) and came to this country to get away from the poverty over in Germany. She was very happy to have come to America, but she loved “the old country” until her death in 1974. She died when I was a child. But I remember her telling stories of what it was like in Germany during the war. Before the war she came from a pretty “well to do” family. Her father owned his own pub and was doing well. My mother had horses, which she loved very much, and worked in her fathers pub as did her brothers and sisters. It was really a family oriented resterant. Then the war came, my grandfather was thrown intot he german army, whether he wanted to go or not, and everything was lost. Germany was so poor then, Gypsy’s came and stole my mothers horses for food, and they even took her dog, a wonderful big German Shepard. I remember her telling me of the bombings and having to save her grandparents from their bombed out apartment and saving herself and sister from a German Tank that ran over them….They had jumped into a ditch and the tank ran over them. My grandfather was captured in France by the French Army but he somehow escaped and walked back home to his house in which my poor grandmother thought he was dead at that time. When he arrived at home, he was covered in lice and his clothes had to be burned before entering the house. My mothers family did NOT agree with Hitler at the time, but they had no choice, it was either you fought or you died. When my mother ame to this country, my grandparents on my fathers side were from Ireland, they welcomed her with open arms and my grandmother taught my mother English. So, can you imagine…my mother from German learned to speak English from my grandmother from Ireland with the strongest Irish brogue you ever heard…LOL..LOL!!!!!! no wonder my friends as a kid always asked me why my mother talked to funny!!….LOL Anyway, I LOVE your new CD and will treasure it just like I treasure your first one. Thank you again George…you are an inspiration to us all!!!

  35. Susan Moore

    Just received The World on My Mind from cdbaby and am thrilled with it! The songs are so personal–you have truly “bared” your soul. Have several favorites–The cover song , Tangled up Puppet, Belle of Liberty, but love them all! Interested in the story behind C ommune.Thank you so much for sharing your music.

  36. “Sir George Donaldson”That is what it will be some day. Paul ,Mick,Sting and any of the other singers in GB that have been Knighted have nothing on you!!!!!! I truly never thought TWR could be beat-but you did it .Honest to God George, it’s better than the” White Albaum I didn’t know what to expect after the White Rose,but you have created a whole new sound and it’s going to sell millions. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Susan

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  38. George as I sit here listening to the new CD I can’t decide which song I love most. Is it Tony’s Symphony with the child that is trapped inside a body that keeps him locked away. Who knows,maybe he could have be another Harry,and when you sing it allows him to step out of his world for an hour and be that person. Or is it Annie Jane? So many souls set free to be with God all to soon.So very sad and yet very beautiful.The world has had too many souls sent to heaven too soon lately. It reminded me of the children killed in the school recently.Children always break our hearts when they are taken so young.But to be on a ship and know that you can do nothing but pray for those that will not be saved .I looked the Annie Jane up on the Internet and read about it. I’ll never go on a cruse, the sea scares me, you are truly at God and natures mercy aren’t you. I think that is just it. we are at God and Natures mercy and I guess that is what makes the song Till Then is so special.We take life as it is given to us and thank God for letting us live even for that time.
    I give up trying to pick a favorite,I don’t know how these words come into your mind the way they do. I have to think that God has graced you with the talent to making us feel life and all that it brings.I cry and laugh and dream about the messages you put together and share with us.I think I could use therapy after hearing the entire CD.So many emotions and feelings in such a short time leaves me a babbling fool.
    Thank you George, and thank you for being the person you are.
    Susan Mooney

  39. George I just had to tell you that the song Belle of Liberty is the reason you are the star you are. Fans ,true fans , know that you are this song. Your heart and soul is Belle of Liberty. We know how much you love yur family and we love it.A true hero is one that holds those they love in their hearts,We know that every thing you do is for Carrie and Sarah,and it makes you even more amazing. You could have anything your want but they are for nothing without them to share your world with you. Well done hero,you will always be mine. susan